to wipe with hands, with paper towel s and with towels.

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Work can make the property “forever young”. The basic requirements for cleaners to walk in the work area are: walking on the right, two people in a row, and people in a row. It is wrong to wipe with hands, with paper towels and with towels. The manual cleaning operation procedure includes: the dust and sundries are swept to the edge from the middle of the cleaning area, and the cleaning range is about 2m. Load the garbage into the rickshaw with a dustpan or shovel; if there is dirt in stainless steel or copper plates, you can use stainless steel, copper special detergent or soap to add an appropriate amount of water to remove the stain. It is wrong to wipe off stains with coarse sandpaper, remove stains with corrosive solvents, and remove them with shovel knives.

As the bath towels that babies must use every day, mothers should choose carefully. Especially the newborn baby, the skin is delicate and fragile, if the wiped bath towels and towels are too rough, they are easy to be injured by external friction, so when choosing bath towels, mothers must not be cheap and must look at the materials.

twelve。 Arm mat: especially in summer, when breast-feeding will not be hot and sweaty, the baby and mother are comfortable, ordinary towels need help to ensure that it does not fall off.

In addition, you can make a fuss around the hand washing table, except for towel rings and paper towel racks on the side of the table, you must do cabinets under the hand washing table, which can effectively store a large number of supplies for cleaning the toilet and baskets for dirty clothes. Can be in the side wall “dig” into a piece to make storage cabinets. Or use mirror

According to the area, first say the bedroom and the hall, mainly pay attention to wipe the lamps, air conditioners, curtain rods and doors and windows, if there is a cement stain can be gently scraped off the cement with a plastic scraper, and then wipe with a towel plus detergent.

Under the guidance of teachers, all young children are evacuated in an orderly manner according to the scheduled route; when evacuating, they walk on the right side of the stairs, giving way to firefighters on the left; cover their noses with wet towels, bend over to walk, and cannot push each other, in order to prevent chaos and accidents, and evacuate to the kindergarten playground in a safe and orderly manner.

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