founded: in 1971, Starbucks is a coffee franchise brand in

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But the bagels are just the beginning of the culinary delights that these shops have to offer. Many establishments also serve a scrumptious selection of breakfast treats and beverages to complement your meal. Imagine biting into a flaky croissant filled with savory ham and Swiss cheese, or sipping on a steaming cup of gourmet coffee as you savor each delightful moment.

When the temperature dropped in Guangzhou not long ago, big data pushed me a lot of “bags suitable for autumn and winter”. There is no doubt that brown is the hottest one every year, and it visually matches the fallen leaves in autumn and the coffee in hand.

The car is heavily wrapped in carbon fiber and leather, and the door panel and the upper half of the dashboard are covered with vintage coffee merino leather. The seats are wrapped in perforated Nappa leather.

The activities begin with the introduction of outdoor knowledge and equipment experience, and professionals teach daily outdoor camping skills and necessary safety knowledge, and customers experience the functions of all kinds of equipment on the spot. Then there is the learning and production of hand-ground coffee, customers start to use it on the spot, learn to brew and pull flowers, and taste the taste buds brought by different coffee. The subsequent zongzi packing competition and tasting activities pushed the event to the best part. The contestants rolled up their sleeves to catch up with each other, and the audience cheered to learn modestly. Finally, we tasted the taste of Starbucks zongzi together. Compared with the differences between Chinese and Western food culture, the atmosphere of the event is very warm.

To attract customers, consider offering a diverse menu that suits various tastes and dietary preferences. In addition to traditional bagels with cream cheese or butter, introduce specialty flavors and fillings that cater to different palates. Vegan and gluten-free options can also help you tap into a wider customer base. Providing quality coffee and other beverages can complement your bagel offerings and boost sales.

Share 4 or more pictures or videos of picnic in Wechat moments or video number / Weibo / Xiaohongshu / Dianping / Douyin / Kuaishou and other platforms, with topic # Intercontinental Garden time picnic #, @ Lijiang and Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam-Sloterdijk Station / Lijiang Ancient City Indigo Hotel or location hotel address, after release, show screenshot to pick up coffee or summer mojito at the lobby time bar. (only one for each package, one for each ID, one cup at a time)

In May 2011, the Costa Steak Western Restaurant officially opened in Beijing directly operated store to join, and the tea franchise Daquan continued to implement the brand chain development strategy of “taking the direct store as the foundation, brand liquor brand investment focus on new product research and development and personnel training”. Since the direct operation of the store, it has been sought after by consumers, and loyal customers have also made Costa steak. 7. Costa 8. McCoffee 9. Reindeer 10. Swiss Coffee 1. Starbucks was founded: in 1971, Starbucks is a coffee franchise brand in the United States with a 50-year history. Starbucks has a lot of chain stores in China, and it also has some characteristic elements.

founded: in 1971, Starbucks is a coffee franchise brand in

At the picnic party concert, the simple country life is organically combined with the creative way of life. Coffee, handicrafts, groceries The brand of fresh and interesting lifestyle is arranged casually on the edge of the lawn to make the atmosphere more warm and comfortable. Time is getting slower and longer here. In small talk, we exchange inspiration for life and quietly savor the beauty of the holiday.