bathroom is also equipped with electric towel rack, intelligent toilet,

① stabilizes the mood of young children and cultivates their daily routine. Train young children to eat correctly, wash themselves, go to the toilet and so on in the form of games. Put the clothes and shoes in order with the help of the teacher. Know the location and marking of water cups, towels and slippers.

6. Towels / cotton quilts, newborns may have varying degrees of jump reaction and restless sleep within three months. The quilt can be used to wrap the baby and create a sense of security surrounded by the mother for ta. Dabao had at least two cotton quilts left, so this time I prepared a towel quilt.

Maintenance steps of incubator equipment: 1. Before cleaning, the power should be cut off to prevent accidents. two。 Turn off the thermostat and power switch if not in use at any time. 3. At the end of each day, the cabinet surface and power cord can be scrubbed with a wet towel without corrosive detergent. Direct flushing with water is strictly prohibited to prevent water infiltration from destroying electrical performance and causing electricity safety accidents. 4. When not in use for a long time, the cabinets should be cleaned and placed in a well-ventilated warehouse with no corrosive gas.

Cover the baking sheet with a clean kitchen towel and let the bagels rise for approximately 30-40 minutes. During this time, they will increase in size visibly. While waiting, preheat your oven to 400掳F (200掳C). This step ensures that the bagels will get that beautiful golden crust.

bathroom is also equipped with electric towel rack, intelligent toilet,

The towels at home have been used for a long time. Yesterday I went to the supermarket and bought some new towels. I intend to replace all the old towels and use them as rags. At this time, my mother-in-law saw and said that the towels are still intact and need to be replaced. After using towels for a period of time, it is best to replace them with new ones. Because we use towels every day and are in direct contact with the skin. Usually when we use towels, sweat, grease and dandruff on our skin will stick to the towels. Although we also wash every day, but these dirt is very difficult to clean thoroughly, over time, towels will breed mites and bacteria. If we use such towels again, it is likely to cause infection to the skin. Therefore, towels must be often disinfected and cleaned, and new towels should be replaced regularly to develop good hygiene habits, which is the responsibility to themselves and their families.

In the classroom, the teachers were carrying out group teaching activities. Suddenly, with the rapid alarm sound, the children of each class, organized and led by the three teachers in this class, covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and bent down to support the stairs. According to the prescribed evacuation route, they were evacuated to a safe place on the playground in an orderly manner. The teacher then counted the number of children and reported the escape situation of the class to the safety team leader.

It is worth mentioning that his bathroom is also equipped with electric towel rack, intelligent toilet, toilet spray gun and so on. I will not introduce them one by one. Today, I will mainly talk about toilet spray gun:

Home isolation personnel should take temperature measurement and self-health monitoring once a day in the morning and evening, do not share towels, tableware, water cups, toothpaste, toothpaste and other daily necessities with other members of the family, and use tableware alone. Tableware should be cleaned and disinfected after use, and articles contaminated by saliva and sputum should be disinfected at any time. Once there are suspicious symptoms such as fever, antigen self-test or nucleic acid test shall be carried out as required, and after being confirmed as infected, it shall be managed in accordance with the infected person.

bathroom is also equipped with electric towel rack, intelligent toilet,

During an autumn harvest, the little girl cried bitterly and dropped a cup of pesticide in the deserted yard. She drank it when she heard her parents open the door. Was it despair? Is it longing? When the parents learned that they beat and reprimanded the girl with a towel, flushing soapy water made the girl vomit and alarmed her elders, and when the nurses in the hospital began to treat the girl professionally, vomiting and gastric lavage, and so on, her ears were still filled with endless blame. The adult investigated the reason and the girl kept silent and endured it silently. There was a sentence in my heart: I really wanted to drink pesticides and go away. But the girl never told anyone this sentence and went to school without a break the next day.