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In fact, it is very simple to avoid this situation. After parking, find a large dry towel to cover the glass, clamp both sides when the door is closed, and just take off the towel and shake off the snow the next day. Newspaper cover is also recommended. The disadvantage of newspaper is that if the surface snow melts, the newspaper and the glass will be frozen together, and it will be more difficult to remove the next day, so it is not recommended here. When the car windshield snow is thick, do not directly open the wiper, it is best to use a special snow shovel to remove the snow. If you do not have a snow shovel, you can first use a duster to initially remove a large area of snow from the roof and doors, and then carefully shovel away the snow from the windows, rearview mirrors and door handles with a soft plastic sheet or rag.

Third, shampoo maintenance method: the correct shampoo method is an important part of hair bodybuilding, shampoo can not be regarded as a very simple thing and ignore, the correct shampoo method is: massage the hair before shampoo, and then comb the hair smoothly, so as not to fall off when washing. The water temperature should be 30 ~ 38 °C. soak all the hair first, and then apply appropriate amount of shampoo evenly on the hair. Gently rub your hair with your fingertips, scratch evenly with your fingernails, and then comb your hair with your fingers to let the dirt overflow. Rinse the hair with clean water, wipe off the moisture with a dry towel and dry naturally. After washing, it is better to moisturize your hair with some protective nutrients.

With the attack of the high temperature, he will do a good job of self-mediation, arrange the material collection work according to the priority, avoid the hot sun as far as possible, and work more time in the evening to ensure smooth production. Workshop leaders know that he works hard, send him towels, know that he went out to run materials, give him a cold drink in advance, and give him timely water to cool his body when he comes back.

that he works hard, send him towel s, know that he

LV Yanping: the prevention of novel coronavirus infection focuses on three aspects: first, blocking the source of infection. Suspected and confirmed patients must be observed and treated in the isolation ward of a designated medical institution. Because novel coronavirus has an incubation period, those who return from Wuhan and those in close contact may also become a source of infection. Grass-roots units, communities, and villages must take good care of these people. These people must be quarantined at home for two weeks. At home, it is best to do a good job of isolation with the family, wear masks, do not share bedrooms, bathrooms and other places, do not share bowls and chopsticks, towels and other items.

4. Daily necessities Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, towels, skin care products, combs, hairpins and water cups usually come with you; shampoos, body washes, detergents or soap can be purchased locally, if more demanding, bring them from China. There are many large supermarkets and Watsons in the Philippines, so it is convenient to supplement daily necessities. (attached: some students will ask agents to help bring things, but things are often confiscated by the customs.)

Since July, the government has begun to allow tourists to fly to the island from areas where the outbreak is under control. Whether this includes all or part of the UK, which is usually the largest source of immigration, will depend on the spread of the virus at that time. Brazilian Transport Minister Jose? Louis? JoseLuisAbalos said he would not insist on having empty seats on the plane. The tourism industry is developing hygiene rules, including keeping a safe distance between using towels on the beach and disinfecting hotel rooms.

Lice are highly contagious. If a person has lice at home, almost the whole family will have lice. In order to avoid future trouble, or to find a way to get rid of lice as soon as possible, you can use ran Qingtang to remove lice, herbal skin care, mild non-irritating skin, and good anti-itching, spray directly on your hair after washing your hair, then cover it with a hot towel for 5-10 minutes, stick to it 3-4 times a day, and then comb your hair with a grate to quickly remove the lice on your head.

Third, adapt to the circumstances and use local materials. ? Self-made equipment to escape, towels, masks to cover the mouth, nose, can be used as smoke prevention tools. Use ropes, cloth, sheets, carpets, curtains, etc., to open up a means of escape. Some shopping malls operate a variety of labor protection products, such as helmets, motorcycle helmets, work clothes, etc., which can be used to avoid burns and falling objects.

Some people rub their hair back and forth with cotton towels after washing their hair. This bad habit is probably due to dry, unsmooth, bifurcated and severe hair loss. Although this method will make the hair dry quickly, the friction between the cotton towel and the hair will damage the hair scales, make the hair dry and sensitive, and lead to a large number of hair loss.