is not convenient to wash a towel or anything, so

Mother Cui: no, just take a normal bath every day, and the rest of the time there is no special cleaning, no disinfection. If you spill milk, you will wipe it with a dry towel in the same way as usual.

The epidemic season is mainly in summer and autumn; crowded living conditions, poor environmental hygiene and bad personal hygiene habits contribute to the spread of the disease. Prevention should pay attention to personal hygiene, not public towels, bath towels, handkerchiefs, etc.; during the epidemic, haircuts, bathrooms, swimming pools and other industries should strengthen management and disinfection; swimming pools should strengthen the inspection of swimmers, once similar symptoms are found, should be timely medical treatment, families do a good job of isolation and disinfection.

I have seen many very shallow washbasins in the bathroom before. Yes, I have a high-level feeling, but when I use it, I will splash water all over the table, and it is not convenient to wash a towel or anything, so I suggest you buy something deeper.

Towels, bath toys and shower gel jars were used at the beginning, when little D was just over 2 years old, and every time I put something in, I would ask, “what happens if I put the shower gel jar in the water?”

Before the fire drill, Officer Liu of the fire brigade gave fire safety education to the large group. The children did not play with fire, did not panic in the event of a fire, urgently fled the fire scene, and personally demonstrated to the children the correct way to escape: fold the wet towels in half, cover their mouths and noses, bow and bend, talking about the wall quickly evacuating from the fire scene.

Bathroom cabinets, toilets, towels, dirty clothes. A small bathroom space use area is only a few square meters, but to put so many things, no wonder many people are complaining about their own bathroom is too messy, do not know how to clean up. In fact, as long as ingenious design, rational use of every inch of space, the storage of small bathroom is no longer a problem.

Bring your own clean bathing suit, goggles, swimming cap and dress rules, try not to use the public goods of the pool. In addition, do not sit on the floor or table by the pool at will. Wipe it with personal bath towels or towels to avoid catching cold after swimming.

is not convenient to wash a towel or anything, so