very clean. Sometimes I use a towel as a pillow

Towels must be brought. I use this kind of wiping things in some hotels when they are not very clean. Sometimes I use a towel as a pillow when the pillow is not clean. In addition to the towel, I also brought a thick handkerchief and put it in my waist bag. I washed my hands at any time.

It is necessary to make children understand the danger of playing with fire and master simple self-help skills. For example, teach children to escape from the fire scene immediately in case of fire, and inform nearby adults in time. Try to cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel when surrounded by smoke and crawl forward. Fourth, anti-electric shock, anti-drowning education

In our daily life, we can often see some towels become yellow, hard and even smelly after they have been used for a period of time. This kind of towel is not only unhygienic to use, but also causes pigmentation on the skin and forms friction spots. Because our skin is relatively thin, the friction of hard towels against the skin will be intensified, and the skin will become thinner and thinner over time, and there will be more and more problems.

very clean. Sometimes I use a towel as a pillow

Brand building is a long-term systematic project. Shi Lei has always adhered to such an idea: “Jielia is not only selling towels, it is also advocating a way of life.” To this end, he continues to sponsor more than a dozen domestic TV programs, the national swimming team, and a number of large-scale public welfare activities to promote to consumers the Jielia brand culture of “loving you is loving yourself”. Actively advocate ecological and healthy consumption style and lifestyle.

To achieve the purpose of keeping warm, relieving spasm, relieving pain and promoting comfort. The method is to pour the hot water with a water temperature of 60 to 70 ℃ into the hot water bag about 2×3, put the bag flat, make the water overflow to the mouth of the bag to discharge the air, tighten the cover, check for no leakage, wipe the surface of the hot water bag dry, test on the wrist before use, it should be not hot. Then wrap it in a cloth bag or towel and put it where the patient needs hot compress.