Zhifan” products developed by the third towel factory are dyed

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The epidemic season is mainly in summer and autumn; crowded living conditions, poor environmental hygiene and bad personal hygiene habits contribute to the spread of the disease. Prevention should pay attention to personal hygiene, not public towels, bath towels, handkerchiefs, etc.; during the epidemic, haircuts, bathrooms, swimming pools and other industries should strengthen management and disinfection; swimming pools should strengthen the inspection of swimmers, once similar symptoms are found, should be timely medical treatment, families do a good job of isolation and disinfection.

Nowadays, many people are used to installing a towel rack when decorating the bathroom, because it is convenient to use, but you should know that the bathroom belongs to a wet place,


The towels and bath towels in the hotel are not sanitary, so this compact and portable package of towels and bath towels can be easily solved. And does not occupy an area of land, go out to take him, health more rest assured

Health care, health management: primary two class is mainly responsible for by the care teacher, every day to do a good job of class floor, desktop, chairs, windowsill and other cleaning, timely towels, water cups, toys for disinfection, air ultraviolet disinfection. Remind young children to wash their hands and take a bath frequently. Cut your nails frequently. Do a good job in the one-day health care of young children.

The series of “Zhi Zen | Zhifan” products developed by the third towel factory are dyed with natural vegetation, choose implicit and mild tea brown, infiltrate into the yarn, and take the juice of plants and trees with the color of fiber. The use of dark jacquard, showing a three-dimensional pattern and rich feel; infiltrate into the sandalwood fragrance to achieve the effect of soothing the mind and relieving stress. At the same time, the outer layer also has antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions, making it safer and healthier.


Kindergarten nurses and cleaners will carry out routine sanitary disinfection of class and campus environmental objects every day, including table top disinfection before each meal, towel cup disinfection for children, and wiping and disinfection of teaching toys. Every day, ultraviolet disinfection will be turned on in the class after children leave the school. During the infectious disease season, in addition to strengthening home publicity, disinfection will also be strengthened.

On the 25th day, when my mother washed my face, I felt it. I called out “Mom” in a weak voice. Mother was so scared that she threw down the towel in her hand. She seemed to believe her ears and hugged me tightly. I finally woke up. When I woke up and saw the award certificate in my room, I seemed to be a stranger to the past. I was a little math genius in the past, but now I can only lie in bed foolishly. But I know in my heart that I will not bow to fate, since God left me, I will not lose.