two mothers preferred towel mothers, even if the milk

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Keeping your skin dry can prevent eczema, such as sweat accumulation, and you need to change dry clothes immediately. In addition, shower should be taken immediately after swimming, because most of the water in the swimming pool has been disinfected by chlorine and irritates the skin, so rinse it with running water immediately after swimming, then dry it with a towel and apply moisturizer at the end.

In fact, the process of washing hair is not long, no matter how long hair can be done in 15-20 minutes, but the ancients did not have a hair dryer, the process of drying hair is the most troublesome, their hair is one or two meters long, it is easy to tie a knot with hair. It takes half an hour to comb these knots with a comb, and then it takes at least an hour to dry the hair with a towel.

two mothers preferred towel mothers, even if the milk

After each washing, water will be left on the sealing ring, coupled with water vapor in the tank, which is very suitable for mold growth. We can sprinkle a little white vinegar on the towel. Vinegar has germicidal effect. We can wipe it for him, preferably once a week. Finally, we will wipe it with a wet dishcloth to keep it ventilated.

Keep the home environment clean and tidy, clean up garbage in time; ventilate regularly, clean and disinfect regularly; family members avoid sharing towels, water cups and other items; wash hands with mobile water before and after meals.

2. Ice compress is the way to relieve the pain of scapulohumeral periarthritis. You can use the ice pack or plastic ice pack on the market, ice cubes and the right amount of salt water on the same day, or you can use the ice cubes in the refrigerator to put them in the area suffering from scapulohumeral periarthritis for about 10 minutes, which can significantly relieve the pain. You can also soak and wring the towel with hot water, and then put it on the painful part of scapulohumeral periarthritis. The time of hot compress should be about 10 minutes. This repeated hot compress several times, can play the effect of pain relief, so this method has been used by patients.

If ① is a lump, it should be cold compress immediately and let the health care teacher deal with it. ②? If there is a large wound, when there is more bleeding, first stop the bleeding: hold the wound with a clean towel; at the same time, inform the garden department, accompanied by the health care teacher and this class teacher to the hospital, and inform the parents in time to do a good job of the parents.

Both types of mothers can feed monkeys with milk. Harlow found that monkeys who could choose between two mothers preferred towel mothers, even if the milk was provided entirely by wire mothers.