wiped it half dry with a towel and swung it

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Family spa Spa gives girls a wonderful night in order to make your face at home as indulgent and fun as possible to ensure that all the supplies you need are within range of weapons. For your face, you need: make-up exfoliating; facial Cleanser; facial exfoliating; facial mask (you can have one or two); facial oil or cream to massage your face and use at the end of your face; towels-preferably moist and warm. (you can do this in the microwave); eye cream (optional); neck warmth-you can keep yourself if you want. This is also optional, but it is very soothing and warming, while you use a mask to relax.

The most difficult thing is the guarantee of protective materials. at an extraordinary time, disinfectant, alcohol, gloves, masks and protective clothing are in short supply. She consults the supply situation of the medicine company every day and arranges two comrades in the office to queue up to buy in the pharmaceutical supermarket. At the same time, inquire in many ways and raise materials through multiple channels. Under her infection, caring people such as Hancheng Xinzhang Confucius School donated 84 disinfectant, masks, sulfur soaps, mineral water, towels and spray bottles. It has solved the urgent need for first-line epidemic prevention. Protective clothing was in short supply, so she bought well-sealed raincoats as temporary protective clothing, engraved 12 words “Hancheng Traffic United to fight the epidemic” on the cardboard and printed the protective clothing by hand. It was windy and cold on the night shift, and sometimes it rained, so she borrowed a tent from the Civil Affairs Bureau and set up an “epidemic prevention office” at the railway station, basically ensuring the needs of front-line epidemic prevention work.

wiped it half dry with a towel and swung it

I used to dry my hair when I had long hair. The hair dryer makes the hair dry quickly. When I was a child, when there was no hairdryer, I dried my hair in the sun. If not, I wiped it half dry with a towel and swung it at my hair to dry.

Come to the garden to open windows for ventilation, do a good job in indoor and outdoor hygiene, and ensure a clean and tidy environment. Make all the preparations in the morning. Keep the floor of the sanitary area clean, free of dirt, no stagnant water, tidy wall decoration, no dirt on the picture frame; clean and dry the bathroom floor, free of stagnant water, pools and walls, scrub every day, clean the disinfection basin every time, and there is no soak in the basin; the bathroom floor insists on a large weekly cleaning, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of children and reduce pollution, the floor is not scrubbed with any acid, but the floor is scrubbed with clean water. Wash towels after work every day and disinfect towels to ensure that towels are white and have a faint smell of disinfectant; wash water cups and disinfect water cups every day to ensure that the outside of the water cup is bright and free of dirt and nothing remains in the water cup;

wiped it half dry with a towel and swung it

2. in order to ensure the physical and mental health of young children, the first thing to do when they come to class in the morning is to open the window and keep the indoor air fresh; wash towels after school every day, disinfect towels, clean water cups and disinfect water cups, ensure that there is no dirt in the outside of the water cup, and there is nothing left in the water cup; do not leave the work of the day until the next day. The toilet is kept odorless, the floor is dry and clean, the clean utensils are hung neatly, and the garbage is not stored, and the garbage must be cleaned up before getting off work every day; the toilet insists on washing the pier floor after each time, and soaks the pier dry with light toilet spirit in time when it is found that there is a strange smell. Do not disinfect it less than three times a day, so as to wash and brush frequently; mop used on the floor is forbidden to be used separately, so that it can be disinfected frequently. The floor of the activity room is clean and dry, the articles are neatly placed, the teaching aids and toys are clean and dust-free, and the indoor air is fresh and odorless